FX Account Cloning™ Setup For Placing Forex Trades In Many Accounts At Once

FX Account Cloning™ setup allows you to place the same Forex trades in many different Metatrader accounts simultaneously.

Did you know that you can run multiple MetaTrader 4 (MT4) or MetaTrader 5 (MT5) accounts on the same computer and place the same trades on all of them at once? The answer isn’t just that you can. It’s also easy and quick to do!

Lots of traders out there could benefit and improve their trading outcomes if they could run more than one MT4 or MT5 platform, all logged in to separate accounts. The great thing about the FX Account Cloning™ setup is that it does more than allow you to run separate MT4 or MT5 platforms. It can also link them together in lots of innovative ways so you can place the same trades on all Metatrader accounts simultaneously, hence the name “account cloning”.

Some of you probably don’t even know what possibilities you have – that’s why I’ve also put together this other tutorial about 5 secret ways to increase your forex profits.

Read on to find out how FX Account Cloning™ setup works.

A simple example of multiple accounts managed by one Master account.

Anybody who tried trading Forex or CFDs on multiple MT4 or MT5 accounts manually – even just as a thought experiment – knows that it’s basically impossible. There’s no way you can manually open the same trades quickly enough across more than one account. The time it takes you to click from one window to another is already too long, and you’re losing money on the trade because of price differences.

The FX Account Cloning™ setup does it for you at near-light speed!

The FX Account Cloning™ in action

FX Account Cloning™ setup revolutionizes your trading potential because you can:

  • Install and run more than one MT4 or MT5 account on one computer
  • Place multiple identical trades across all Metatrader accounts on the same computer
  • Calculate position sizes for all your accounts automatically based on each account’s balance

In just three easy steps, you could be using multiple MT4 and MT5 platforms to take your trading to the next level.

FX Account Cloning™ setup

Step 1: Installation

The first step is to install multiple MetaTrader platforms on your computer. You can only log in to one account on one MetaTrader, so if you need to run ten accounts, you will need to install ten MetaTrader platforms.

That is simple enough, but you need to be careful about one key part of the process.

Step 1

When you install a MetaTrader platform, you should select a separate installation folder for each one. That’s a trick most people miss out on, but it makes all the difference.

As you set up all these different folders, I recommend you come up with a naming system that works for you. The names you give the folders will be helpful to you later on when using these platforms simultaneously. That’s why you should give them names that you’re going to remember and make sense to you in the future.

Now, you will find that a regular computer can run three or four MetaTraders without any problems, but you might want to upgrade if you need to run more than that. If you’re looking to scale your trading seriously and want to run many accounts all at the same time, you’ll need a pretty serious computer.

My pro tip is that you opt for a VPS provider with fast and reliable servers as geographically close to your broker’s servers as possible. That will cut down on even the most minimal lag and ensure that everything works smoothly.

You can efficiently run dozens of MetaTrader platforms with a setup like that. I’ve clients who regularly run more than a hundred Metatrader platforms and with great success!

Step 2: Local Trade Copier™

The great thing about the FX Account Cloning™ setup is that it enables you to link the MetaTrader platforms together in ways that will transform how you trade forex.

Linking up the accounts couldn’t be easier. Install the Local Trade Copier™ software I’ve developed and set it up to suit your needs.

I originally developed the Local Trade Copier™ software eleven years ago, so you’re not going to be a guinea pig for some software solution that is still in beta testing. It is a tried and tested tool that people have been using worldwide for many years. And, what’s more, it’s been getting great reviews too!

Local Trade Copier™ Software – Mirror your Forex trades across multiple Metatrader accounts

If you’re a risk-averse sort of personality, that’s fine! I’ve got you covered too. Download a trial version of the Local Trade Copier™ software and see for yourself that it does everything it promises.

Once you’ve installed the Local Trade Copier™, you’re all set to start linking your MetaTrader accounts and tailoring the settings to your personal needs.

Step 3: Take Your Trading to the Next Level

The last step is to use the Local Trade Copier™ software in conjunction with my 5 secret ways to increase your forex profits and start boosting your trading income.

You can use the Local Trade Copier™ on either MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 just as easily. It also works with all account sizes and a massive range of trading instruments. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a forex trader or if you’re into stocks, CFDs, precious metals, or anything else. The Local Trade Copier™ software covers all these bases.

The Awesome Local Trade Copier Software

I’m super proud of the reviews this game-changing tool has been getting over the years, so please feel free to head over to Trustpilot or Forex Peace Army and check out what people have been saying about it. Some of the things people seem to love are the great support they get and how user-friendly it is.

You can set up the Local Trade Copier™ software in just ten minutes! That means that right now, you are just minutes away from totally revolutionizing how you trade!

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