How to turn your 10% gains on a $1k account into 6-figure monthly income using Forex Income Multiplier™ method

The world of forex trading is full of traders who are stuck at low levels of profit. In many cases, the problem is that their initial account is relatively small, so it’s hard to scale it meaningfully. Does this sound familiar? Are you putting in a lot of work and research to grow your initial forex investment? Are you struggling to grow your account to the point where it can generate income?

That’s where the Forex Income Multiplier™ comes in to help Forex traders scale their success faster and without substantial initial capital.

The name of the game is growing your trading income. But what’s the secret?

How can you scale your current trading activities to boost your income enormously?

Most forex traders don’t have six-figure accounts to play with.

Most traders are playing their trade with pretty small accounts that are closer in size to $1,000. The statistics say half of all traders have accounts smaller than $500.

But what if you’re good at growing the small account you own?

What if you can grow your account by 10%?

10% of a $1,000 account is just $100 ????

So you might be working hard on your trading system, researching indicators, and tracking the markets for just a $100 bump.

Most people would start to question whether there’s any point in doing that. Shouldn’t all that time and hard work get you more?

Well, think about this for a moment: What if that 10% could be worth much more to you? What if you could turn growing your account by 10% to reach a six-figure income eventually?

That’s impossible, right?

Well, it just so happens it isn’t impossible at all!

The route to doing this doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems at first glance.

Forex Income Multiplier™ Framework


What if you could demonstrate your trading skills to a Forex prop firm and get funded to trade their capital?

That is one of the primary vital ingredients of the Forex Income Multiplier™ framework.

A prop firm is a company or financial institution that allows traders to make trades using their money and, in return, will enable them to keep a certain proportion of the profit they make.

If you can pass the evaluation process at a Forex prop firm and pay a small entry fee, you can start getting funded to trade their client account. There are many of these companies out there, and their evaluation processes are different, but the key thing they are looking for is that you can demonstrate your trading skills and prove that you can reliably grow their account.

If you can do this, they will share the profits you make with you – sometimes to the tune of as much as 90%.

Once you pass the evaluation process with a prop firm and show that your trading strategy is reliable and that it is your system – not copied from other traders – they will be more than happy to start growing the account you trade for them.

Remember, this will not happen overnight. You will have to show that your trading system is effective over a certain period of time. Sometimes this can be a few months or a year – it will be different for every trader and other prop firms as they all have their own rules.

So, within a certain amount of time and with some discipline and hard work, you too could be trading a larger and larger prop firm account.

For example, you can start trading for a prop firm with a $10,000 account of their money. And if you’re successful, the prop firm can boost this to $100,000 or $200,000 or even more over time. Some prop firms advertise that they fund accounts up to $10 million!

Forex Income Multiplier™ framework explainer

Forex Income Multiplier™ framework explained

To many traders, this will sound unrealistic.

But think about it, if you are doing well and your trading system reliably grows accounts, why wouldn’t a prop firm give you larger and larger accounts?

So now, let’s say you are trading Forex prop firm account worth $200,000.

Well, if you can grow that by 10%, suddenly you are looking at $20,000, not $100. And if you can do that for one prop firm, why wouldn’t you qualify to trade accounts for other prop firms?

That’s what scaling your trading is all about.

If you can pass verification and evaluation at one prop firm and show that your trading is profitable – why wouldn’t you do that at the next prop firm? And the next one after that?

The main idea of the Forex Income Multiplier™ is that get funded by 10 Forex prop firms, and you progress up the ladder to get $200,000 accounts to trade at each of these firms.

That would add up to managing a $2,000,000 fund total.

Now you’re looking at 10% of $2 million. If you can grow that by 10%, that’s not $100 anymore. So the total profit is $200,000.

Most prop firms allow a profit share of 60% to 80%, but even with the conservative figure, 60% of $200,000 is $120,000!

That’s an extraordinary six-figure income right there.

That’s the Forex Income Multiplier™ working its magic.

The math behind the Forex Income Multiplier™ framework

The math behind the Forex Income Multiplier™ framework

Success is Possible

One of our clients, Kris Mills, has shown that it is possible to use the Forex Income Multiplier™ to boost his trading income.

He applied to trade for an FTMO prop firm and had to pass its challenge.

FTMO set Kris the challenge of earning $10,000 with a $100,000 account. He passed with flying colors.

FTMO’s second round is known as verification. Here he had to use another $100,000 account to make $5,000 of profit. He passed that too, and now he is getting funded by FTMO.

Kris success story with FTMO

Kris’s success story with FTMO

We’re so excited that our method is helping people reach for their dreams and achieve real trading success.

Kris is on his way up to scaling his trading career with multiple Forex prop firms, and he’s already managing multiple Metatrader accounts.

“But wait a second”, I hear you gasp, “how can I run so many accounts when I have just one MetaTrader installed on my computer?”

To make all this work, you need an easy way to trade Forex on multiple accounts simultaneously.

The good news is, there is a way.

FX Account Cloning™ Setup

Plenty of forex traders out there could seriously benefit from being able to run multiple MetaTrader 4 (MT4), or MetaTrader 5 (MT5) accounts on the same computer but aren’t aware it’s even possible.

If you’ve ever tried operating through multiple accounts manually, then you already know it’s almost impossible. In short, if you try to enter trades on more than one account by clicking on each one, one by one, it will take too long. It can take so long that the difference in time and price between each trade will cut your profits.

But, there is another way.

The solution is the FX Account Cloning™ setup that allows you to quickly clone your Forex account profits to many other trading accounts automatically in less than 10 minutes.

FX Account Cloning™ setup explained

FX Account Cloning™ setup with multiple prop firm accounts explained

Keep reading to learn how FX Account Cloning™ can revolutionize how you trade across two or more MT4 or MT5 accounts on the same computer.

Steps to FX Account Cloning™ setup:

  • Install more than one MT4 or MT5 platform on the same computer and log in to separate accounts on each platform.
  • Decide which account will act as a Master and then link all other Metatrader accounts to it.
  • Continue growing your Master account as you usually do, and all the other accounts will receive the same trades instantly in real-time.

FX Account Cloning™ sounds like a game-changer, doesn’t it?

So, how can you manage ten different trading accounts all at the same time?

How can you enter trades simultaneously across ten client accounts?

You’ve probably already worked out that clicking on buy and sell orders on ten accounts is going to take too long. Your profits are going to get blown out of the water just by the time difference.

How can you calculate risk and position sizes across so many accounts? It seems impossible, right?

What you need is a way to enter the trade just once and have that same, identical trade mirrored to your other accounts.

The great thing here is that you really can do that. And it doesn’t even have to take that long to set up.

Just one account – we call it your Master Account – can mirror its trades out to multiple secondary accounts (we call them Client Accounts).

That’s the whole idea behind the FX Account Cloning™ setup. You can trade your Master Account, and every trade you make is mirrored in your Client Accounts instantly and automatically.

The great thing is you can set this up in no time at all.

Step 1 – Install Metatrader platforms

To run more than one MetaTrader platform on your computer or Virtual Private Server (VPS), you will have to repeat MetaTrader installation multiple times.

FX Account Cloning™ setup - Step 1

FX Account Cloning™ setup – Step 1

The main trick here is to install each MetaTrader platform into a separate folder.

It sounds simple, but you wouldn’t believe how many people miss out on this crucial first step.

If you’re going to be installing a lot of MetaTrader platforms, we recommend that you come up with a clear and straightforward naming system. It would be best if you labeled these folders with distinct and unambiguous names according to your system so that you don’t get confused about which account is which later on down the road.

Some people will need to run three or four accounts, but you can run more than that. A regular computer will handle four or five MetaTrader platforms without any problems. A really powerful computer or VPS can handle many more than that. So if you’re looking to do some serious scaling, you can efficiently run ten or twenty MetaTraders simultaneously. Even more than that is possible on the best setups.

The other important thing to remember is that you must use only one login per MetaTrader. You have to use a separate login for every other MetaTrader platform. So if you’re operating ten accounts on ten MetaTrader platforms, you will have to log in to each one with separate account login details.

Step 2 – Connect Metatrader Accounts

The most crucial step in the whole process is linking your multiple Client accounts to your Master account. You can do this using the Local Trade Copier™ software I’ve developed precisely for this. The software was initially developed 11 years ago and has since helped thousands of traders to connect multiple MetaTrader accounts and boost their trading potential.

FX Account Cloning™ setup - Step 2

FX Account Cloning™ setup – Step 2

You can download a trial version to test how it works and see the power of mirroring your trades across multiple platforms.

The Local Trade Copier™ software will do its magic, and instead of setting up positions across many account accounts, you have to enter a trade only once o your Master account. The Local Trade Copier™ will clone every position to all your Client accounts instantly.

Step 3 – Grow All Accounts At Once

Once you’ve set up your multiple MetaTrader platforms in their folders individually and used the Local Trade Copier™ software to link them together, the third step is to grow your accounts.

FX Account Cloning™ setup - Step 3

FX Account Cloning™ setup – Step 3

You can now continue trading your Master account, and every trade you enter will be mirrored across to your Client accounts instantly.

So whether you’re managing accounts for your friends, for members of your family, clients, or Forex prop firms, you can leave all the hard work to the Local Trade Copier™ software. It will clone all your trades from the Master account to all other accounts automatically.

That is how you will be growing many Metatrader accounts at the same time while placing trades only on one account (Master account).

The Local Trade Copier™ software will work just as well with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. It works on all account sizes and can use all trading instruments. So whether you’re trading stocks, Forex, CFDs, or anything else, you can use this software to take your trading to the next level.

Check out the Local Trade Copier™ reviews on TrustPilot or anywhere else on the internet, and you’ll see that many people are already using it to enhance their trading potential and are getting exactly what they need from it.

Setting up the Local Trade Copier™ takes no more than ten minutes, and you’ll be ready to scale your trading strategy as many times as you need, with no upper limit.


The Forex Income Multiplier™ method is perfect for those Forex traders who know how to trade profitably but don’t have significant capital. If you can make 10% monthly on a $2,000,000 capital account, then such gains would change the game for you.

But how do you get that much money? The main idea is to get funded by multiple Forex prop firms and then clone one Metatrader account into many other accounts using FX Account Cloning™ and Local Trade Copier™ software.

Register now for your free trial version of the Local Trade Copier™ today!

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