Instantly Open The Same Trades Across Multiple MT4 Platforms

Are you a fund manager? Have you ever tried to open the same trade in 2 or more accounts simultaneously?

You need to have at least two people, and as much as you rehearse your coordination and teamwork skills, you’ll never be able to replicate the trades precisely the same way. Not to mention the chaos it would unleash if you try to do it on ten different accounts.

What if I tell you that it is possible to execute the same trade on several Metatrader accounts simultaneously without a team of traders, and you can do it all by yourself in your office or home by using this simple method?

You will need a Local Trade Copier (LTC) software, which is a tool that can help you trade multiple accounts in multiple MT4 and MT5 brokers.

If those accounts are located on the same PC or the same VPS server, you have to trade from one master account, and LTC will replicate all those trades in as many accounts as you set it for.

You cannot execute the same trade on several MT4 or MT5 accounts simultaneously with only one pair of hands, but that’s not an issue with LTC. You don’t need a team of traders. You can do it all by yourself.

The possibilities are endless. Our Forex copier is a piece of software designed by a former forex trader and account manager who understands its challenges.

Before we begin, I will mention that you’ll need more than one MT4 platform installed on the same computer.

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Without further ado, let’s start learning how it works. I will tell you how to open the same trades across multiple MT4 platforms on your computer instantly by using a trade copier.

LTC Server and LTC Client

LTC server is the “master” account, the general who guides the troops to do what needs to be done. That is the account in which you decide how to trade.
Manual trading, EA’s, automated trading, and signal providers can be used on it as well as personalized indicators.
LTC client is the soldier. It simply replicates the trades you choose to place on the LTC server.

Combine LTC server and LTC client with unlimited accounts in unlimited ways

Do you want to manage funds?

You can run your trading business with just one person behind the wheel.

The most basic configuration of LTC is one server and up to 4 clients. It all depends on the capacity of your PC. If you want to run more accounts, it’s advisable to use another VPS server.

VPS is a cheap alternative. Otherwise, you’re taking the risk to exceed the possibilities of your PC. If you’d like to learn more about VPS and how to make good use of them, click here.

Do you need more flexibility?

  • You can set up one or more LTC clients to follow one or more LTC servers.
  • 1 Master account can be the Client of 1 or more Master accounts, and at the same time, it can copy the trades to other client accounts.
  • You can personalize LTC to suit your needs and goals.

If this confuses you a little bit, the infographic below will clarify any doubt you have:

Local Trade Copier can be customized for your goals and your needs.

Let’s see a few examples:

I have two accounts in Alpari (Server and Client 1) both of them have $5000.

With Local Trade Copier, you can trade multiple accounts with one single order.

The red and blue rectangles provide detailed information about the software and the accounts.

LTC client EA has more customizable parameters. Later on, you’ll receive thorough information about this. For now, let’s see an example of a buy order.

Using Local Trade Copier will make your account management exponentially easier.

You have to trade on the Server account. As you can see, the order is executed with surgical precision on the client account.

The stop-loss and entry points and the balance, the profits, and the losses are precisely the same on both accounts.

To achieve the most exact replication from one account to another, it’s advisable to have all the accounts on the same broker.

You can also use LTC to connect accounts between different brokers.

Usually, it takes 1 second or less to copy the trade to many client accounts. Still, there might be a slight delay in the execution speed if your computer is overloaded or your Internet connection is poor. To see trade copier speed in action, watch this video.

Manage the risk of your client’s accounts with the same efficiency as you do with your account

You can define money management settings in your client’s account inputs. LTC has many different ways to apply money management in your trading, but here are five most popular:

1. Risk Ratio (default).

Imagine that you have four accounts:

-Master $5,000

-Client 1 $10,000

-Client 2 $2,500

-Client 3 $5,000

The risk that you take on each trade placed in the master account will be calculated proportionally in each of the client accounts by this formula:

(Client account size/Master account size) × Master account lot size × Risk Ratio

For example: if I want to calculate the risk ratio of Master and Client 1 trading with 1 lot and a risk ratio of 1.

(10,000/5000) × 1 ×1 = 2

For Master and Client 2, trading with 2 lots and a risk ratio of 1:

(2,500/5000) × 2 ×1 = 1

For Master and Client 3 trading with 1.5 lots and risk ratio 2:

(5,000/5000) × 1.5 ×2 = 3

Of course, it works the same with decimal numbers.

In the inputs of the LTC client, you can find that a RiskRatioServer parameter, by default, is set to use server balance and client balance to calculate the lot size. You can easily change these two parameters false to make the LTC Client EA use equity instead of balance to calculate a lot size.

The local Trade copier has enough parameters to satisfy the needs of every trading style.

To change the parameters for risk management, you must activate only the one you choose and deactivate all of the rest.

Make sure to use only one money management parameter for every Client account.

2. Fixed Lot Size.

As the name suggests, it doesn’t matter the size of the account. It will always use the same lot size you choose.

3. Lot Multiplier.

If you set this to 1, the Client EA will copy all trades at the same size no matter what. If you configure the parameter to 0.5, it will decrease the lost size by 50%. If you configure it to 1.5, it will increase the lot size by 50%. The account size makes no difference.

4. Risk Percentage.

You can set this parameter to the percentage of your balance you’re willing to risk on each trade. You need to place a stop-loss for the master trade to make this parameter work on the client size. Without a stop loss, EA won’t be able to calculate the proper position sizing and delay the trade until a stop loss is set


5. Lot Money Ratio.

This is quite a unique way to approach money management. The input goes like this:


You’re telling the EA that you want to use a lot-sizing proportional to your size account.

For every $1,000 in your account, you will trade with 0.1 lots.

If your account is $10,000, every order will be 1 lot. If it’s $9,000 it’s going to use 0.9 lots and so on.


Now you know how easy it is to trade on several MT4 or MT5 accounts simultaneously with only one pair of hands. If you want to become a more efficient account manager, Local Trade Copier is a tool that will help you reach the level of success you desire.

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