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Mt4 to Mt5 or Mt5 to Mt4 copier

Copy Trades from Same/ Different broker

With our Copy Trade Software, you can copy trades from

MT4 to MT4 Accounts
MT5 to MT5 Accounts
MT4 to MT5 Accounts
MT5 to MT4 Accounts

 Copy Trade Software™ works with MT4 and MT5, but they come as separate computer programs because of the different architecture between Metatrader 4 and 5. But you’ll get both programs with the same subscription.


Mirror Trades From MT4/MT5 from Investor Password Accounts

With the Copy Trade Software™, you can copy all trades from MT4/MT5 investor password account to your account.

If you have read-only access (investor password) to any Metatrader™ account, then you can clone its profits to your account, and no one will ever know about it.

IMPORTANT! Beware of Ponzi investment scams that give investor password access to MT4 accounts where trades appear with a delay, and it’s too late to copy them.

Mirroring Trades
Automatic lot size selector

Automatic Lot Allocation When Client Accounts Are Smaller Or Bigger.

Copy Trade Software™ automatically adjusts the size of each copied trade to keep the same risk and reward percentage. Automatic lot allocation is applied separately for each client account you connect.

If the client account is smaller than the master account, it will get trades copied at a smaller lot size.

If the client account is bigger than the master account, it will get bigger lot sizes.

You have complete control of money management settings in the Copy Trade Software™, and you can choose from multiple options.

Open Identical Trades On Many Forex Prop Firm Accounts Instantly.

10% profit on your $1k account does not make much difference. But 10% on $2,000,000 would make all the dreams come true for everyone. Your goal is to get funded by 10 different prop firms to build a $2M fund across multiple accounts.

But how can you place trades on that many accounts instantly?

Use Copy Trade Software™ to connect those prop firm accounts to your MT4/5, and you will be trading on many accounts simultaneously by placing trades on your main account.

Identical trade opener
Reverse trading

Make Money by Reverse Trading a Losing Forex Robot or a Failing Trader.

If 95% of traders lose money, it means that most of the time, they take losing trades.

What would happen if you did the opposite? It’s known as “Reverse Trading”.

You set up a losing trader or Forex robot on a DEMO account and copy all its trades in the opposite direction to your LIVE account.


Copy Strategies and Traders From Different Sources Into One MT4/MT5 account.

Copy Trade Software™ allows you to copy trades from different master accounts and merge them into one account (Portfolio).

You diversify the risk by not betting on one system or trader. The idea is that when 2 out of 10 systems fail, the other 8 will cover their losses and keep growing your account. Then you replace failed systems with new ones.


copy strategy from different trader.

Force Any Locked Expert Advisor To Work On Many MT4/MT5 Accounts.

If you have a Forex Robot which license is locked to one account only, you do not need to buy additional robot licenses. Better copy its trades from one account to many other accounts with the Copy Trade Software™.

Copy Trade Software™ works with any other Forex Robot and will copy all its trades instantly to other connected MT4/MT5 accounts.

I call this the Unlock Any Forex Robot™ method, and it’s perfect for saving money and sharing Forex Robot trades to other accounts.
You can even use MT4 Expert Advisors on MT5 and vice versa because you can copy trades from MT4 to MT5 and from MT5 to MT4 with the Copy Trade Software™ software.

Expert advisor

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