MT5 Trade Copier now works with Deriv MT5 nano lots

I must admit that I haven’t seen nano lots for a long time and did not expect any Forex broker to use them. But it appears that Deriv Forex broker is offering nano lots in their MT5 accounts. The MT5 Trade Copier had issues dealing with that and produced unexpected results. Now with the new version 1.0.5 released on 2021-07-20, this is no longer a problem.

But first, what are nano lots?

What are nano lots?

Nano lots are position size which has 3 numbers are the decimal point. In other words, you can count 3 numbers to the right after the decimal point.

This example will explain it best:

Nano lot – 0.001 (100 units of a base currency)

Micro lot – 0.01 (1,000 units of a base currency)

Mini lot – 0.1 (10,000 units of a base currency)

Full lot – 1.0 (100,000 units of a base currency)

Deriv MT5 and Nano Lots

Deriv MT5 platform offers synthetic indexes for trading, and most of them allow nano lots.

For example, Volatility Index 75 minimum volume is 0.001. Its contract size is 1, and the price at the moment I am writing this post is $639,730.

It means if you buy 0.001 of Volatility Index 75, it will cost you $639.73.

Some of the synthetic indexes that the Deriv MT5 platform can offer:

  • Volatility Index 10
  • Volatility Index 25
  • Volatility Index 50
  • Volatility Index 75
  • Volatility Index 100
  • Boom 500 Index
  • Boom 1000 Index
  • Crash 500 Index
  • Crash 1000 Index

MT5 Trade Copier 1.0.5 supports nano lots

The new MT5 Trade Copier 1.0.5 now supports nano lots which means you can copy positions such as 0.001, 0.006, or 0.028, etc.

Here’s an example of a few trades copied on Deriv MT5 using the MT5 Trade Copier.



With the new MT5 Trade Copier 1.0.5, you can now copy nano lots with Deriv MT5 or other brokers that offer nano lots.

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