Two Forex Robots That Look Promising This Year [Verified Results]

If you’re looking for a forex robot that can make money this year, look no further. I’ve found two verified robots with real results. There are thousands of forex robots on the market, and most of them are scams (yes, that’s the sad truth everyone denies to believe). But these two forex robots look promising can make money if you use them with a good forex broker.

I am Rimantas Petrauskas, and traders have known me for more than 11 years as the guy who goes straight to the point, tells the ugly truth in Forex, and hates Forex scams.

So that’s exactly what I am going to do in this article. Go straight to the point and introduce you to:

  • Quick steps to tell if a Forex robot is legit and worth investing
  • Forex robot #1: DynaScalp – Profitable scalper with fair return/drawdown
  • Forex robot #2: Trade Explorer – Profitable price averaging system with excellent stats
  • Share my secret method of how you can get these Forex Robots for free
  • Recommendation of a few legit Forex brokers

Quick steps to tell if a Forex robot is legit and worth investing

Forex robot scams are getting more sophisticated, so you have to be careful when choosing a forex robot. That’s why I suggest using the following 3-step review process to determine if a forex robot is worth investing in:

Does the forex robot have verified results?

Anyone can download random robots from the internet and sell them as “the most profitable money-making software”. But one thing they’d never have is verified trading results to prove it works. If the trading robot does not show verified results, do not bother looking into it.

What is the forex robot’s return/drawdown?

Anyone investing in anything would first check what’s their potential for profit and what the risks are. If you are risking all of your money for a miserable 2% gain, then what’s the point, right?

I’ve seen many robots trading profitably for many years, but when you look closer, you realize that they are making 0.5% or less (on average) per month with a 40% drawdown. Less than 0.5% per month? Come on, who’d want to invest $100,000 in any trading robot for less than $500 monthly gain that’s not even guaranteed? Deduct taxes and fees, and you’d be left with nothing. In other words, you are risking $40,000 for less than $500 a month. No thanks ????

Useless Forex robot with less than 0.5% monthly gains

How long has the forex robot been on the market?

I’ve seen so many robots online with verified trading results and great stats, but when you look at their trading history, you notice it’s only several weeks. Never trust any strategy with just a few months of trading history. It’s just not enough stats to judge a trading robot’s performance. Chances are it was lucky to catch and ride one trend, but as soon as the trend ends or reverses, the robot will fail big time.

Look at the image below. Those are the trading stats of a Forex robot that’s heavily promoted online. This robot is trading for 2 months only on a demo account! How reliable is that? It might become an awesome robot in the future, but it does not convince me to buy it right now.

This robot is trading for 2 months only on a demo account! How reliable is that?

Look for robots with at least 12 months of trading results.

These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself when choosing a forex robot, but they will help you determine if it is worth your time and money.

If you want to learn more on how to review Forex robots then check the Profitable Strategy Finder™, my unique system review process that anyone can use to easily filter out bad robots, signals, and strategies in just 10 minutes!

Now let’s take a look at the two forex robots I’ve chosen for this article.

Forex robot #1: DynaScalp – Profitable scalper with fair return/drawdown

DynaScalp is a forex robot that has been on the market for almost two years and has an excellent track record. The forex robot has a return of more than 800% and a drawdown of less than 20%. These stats are impressive, and credible people like Forex Peace Army tested this forex robot too.

DynaScalp results snapshot (2022-01-25)

The seller of DynaScalp describes it as a breakthrough “Super-Scalper” software that can find and execute the most profitable trade opportunities daily with zero effort on your part. While that is a bold statement, DynaScalp robot results speak for themselves.

DynaScalp’s live third-party monitored and audited account shows over 800% profit made in a short time with low drawdown. It’s been trading on a live account for more than 18 months with only one negative month. DynaScalp is growing accounts consistently every month. It is truly an opportunity to make triple-digit gains without any trading experience.

I like DynaScalp because it does not use grid or martingale trading hacks. It has a news filter and integrated asset allocation technology. DynaScalp is beginner-friendly and 100% automated.

So let’s see how DynaScalp fits our 3-step review process.

Does DynaScalp have verified results?

Yes. No doubt about it.

What is DynaScalp’s return/drawdown?

It is complicated to calculate the actual return/drawdown of DynaSclap’s live trading account because it had multiple deposits within two years. It started with only a $56 deposit, and total deposits were $1,325. The bot had a 17% max drawdown, which is $225. Keeping in mind that to this date, DynaScalp made a $1,276 profit, the return/drawdown would be a whopping 5.6.

How long has the forex robot been on the market?

The DynaScalp robot has been trading profitably for almost two years now, since June 30th, 2020. I think that’s quite enough to clear all the doubts and start trading with the DynaScalp robot.

Forex robot #2: Trade Explorer – Profitable price averaging system with excellent stats

Trade Explorer is a forex robot that has been on the market for almost two years and has an excellent track record. This forex robot has a more than 300% return and less than 20% drawdown. These stats are incredible.

Trade Explorer results snapshot (2022-01-25)

The seller of Trade Explorer describes it as a beginner-friendly Forex robot and easy-to-use auto-trading software. Trade Explorer has been proven to generate up to 377% profit in just one month, even in the most volatile market conditions with limited risk.

I like Trade Explorer because it makes a profit by trading on 27 currency pairs, which gives you some diversification edge. Also, they have multiple verified accounts, but based on the stats from one of the accounts, Trade Explorer has been making 7% gains per month (on average) since May 13th, 2020, with a maximum drawdown of 17%.

So let’s see how Trade Explorer fits our review process.

Does Trade Explorer have verified results?

The Trade Explorer forex robot has a verified track record of over 300% profits with less than 20% drawdown. What I particularly like about Trade Explorer’s results is that if you look at its performance by the month, you’ll see that it is making money consistently month after month.

Trade Explorer 2021 performance by month

Trade Explorer 2021 performance by month

What is Trade Explorer’s return/drawdown?

Trade Explorer generated $17,110 profit in under two years based on the number from one of its verified accounts. The maximum seen drawdown was 17.29% on October 15th, 2021, when the account balance was $17,737, and that gives us a max drawdown figure of $3,066. It means the return/drawdown for the Trade Explorer is around 5.5. That’s just awesome!

How long has the forex robot been on the market?

The seller’s website states that the Trade Explorer has been on the market for four years, but the robot has been trading profitably for almost six years now, judging by some of the real, verified accounts currently displayed.

Unlock Any Forex Robot™ Method: How to get any Forex Robot for free

“Of come on, Rimantas, you are bluffing, right?” I hear you say.

No! I am serious. Trust me, when you learn this secret method, you’ll see it is not BS.

It is my completely legal and legit way to get Forex robots for free so that you can make extra money.

The main idea behind the Unlock Any Forex Robot™ framework is that instead of purchasing any Forex robot alone, you can find a few of your friends to split the bill. The problem is that if you buy only one license of the Forex robot, it will work only on one MT4/MT5 account. But the solution is to use the Unlock Any Forex Robot™ framework and copy all the trades from any Forex robot to your friends’ accounts. In other words, your friends split the bill to buy the Forex robot, and you set up everything to copy its trades across multiple accounts.

What Forex broker should I choose?

There are hundreds of Forex brokerage firms available online, and all of them will tell you they are the best. Yes, many of them are great, but there are scams too.

When choosing a Forex broker, my recommendation would be to check the broker of choice for the trading robot you are buying.

DynaScalp is trading IC Markets. That’s what you should be using if you choose to trade with DynaScalp. I’ve been using IC Markets myself for several years, and they are a reliable broker. And I also know many Local Trade Copier™ clients copy trades to hundreds of IC Market accounts automatically. Lots of people trust this broker.

Trade Explorer is trading on FxChoice. So it’s a no-brainer that you should use the same broker. If, for some reason, you don’t trust FxChoice, you can always use another broker, but it is wise to use the same broker where the trading bot is already proven to make money.

While FxChoice is not the best broker globally, they have great reviews on TrustPilot, maximum fund security, tight spreads from 0.1 pips, flexible leverage up to 1:200, and competent & friendly 24/5 live support.

FxChoice reviews on Trustpilot

Another great Forex broker is VantageFx with spreads from 0.0, leverage up to 500:1, and a $200 minimum deposit with zero fees.

My personal choice is Fusion Markets because they have fantastic reviews on TrustPilot and very low trading costs.


Forex trading with or without robots always comes with significant risk. Still, if you are a beginner and want to start making some money in Forex as soon as possible, then DynaScalp and Trade Explorer is excellent choices for you. Just take the next step to buy them and be patient after setting them up for trading on your accounts. While you cannot expect to become a millionaire overnight, there’s a vast potential to make some good money with those trading bots.

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