Unlock Any Forex Robot™ Method: How To Get Any Forex Robot For Free And Make It Legally Work On Thousands Of Metatrader Accounts

Forex robots are costly. Chances are you want to buy a Forex robot, but you don’t have enough money. In most cases, a single forex robot license costs more than $200 or even $500 for just one account. The good news is that if you find a few of your friends (let’s call them John, Jane, and Joe) who also want to start trading with the same robot, then all of you can split the bill and buy only one license.

However, there’s still a problem here – if only one person buys the license (let’s say your friend “John”), he’ll be able to trade using his own MT4/MT5 account but not on the accounts of other people (in our example, your other friends “Jane” and “Joe”). That’s where the Unlock Any Forex Robot™ method becomes a great solution because I designed it to let you copy trades from any number of different trading robots across multiple accounts in just a few clicks.

Unlock Any Forex Robot™ Framework

It sounds almost impossible, doesn’t it?

How can you use a forex trading robot on more than one account if it’s locked to one account number? They are usually designed to only operate on one MetaTrader platform at a time. Most of you are familiar with forex robots and probably think the solution is complicated or illegal. I’m sure some of you are thinking ahead and assuming the only way to do this is to get into the MQL scripts of MetaTrader and start tweaking things or cracking the code. But that couldn’t be further from the truth!

The actual way to do this is as simple as going out to dinner with a few friends. Now, we’ve all done that and decided in advance to split the bill at the end of the night. So why can’t you just split the bill for a forex robot? I mean, some forex robot licenses out there can be pretty expensive. Sure some are around $500 or less, but some are well over $1,000, and the most expensive ones can be more like $5,000. But for the sake of this example, let’s say you and four other friends have picked out a more affordable robot – just $500 per license.

Option 1: Even Split

So there are a few ways to go about splitting the bill here in our imagined restaurant, which serves mouth-watering automated trading software. The obvious option is the even split. It’s what we all do with our friends from time to time in real restaurants. So, in this example, that means each of you needs to pay $100 (because 5 x $100 = $500 – the cost of the license). Ok, so far, so simple.

But that’s $100 each, and you’ve still only bought one license for the robot, but five of you want to use it to trade. Well, don’t jump ahead. The solution is coming.

Option 2: Free for You

Another option you have is for the robot to be free for you and have your friends split the rest of the bill. “What!? How can that work?” I can hear you asking.

Ok, let’s look at it like this. The Unlock Any Forex Robot™ method will not only enable you to get a forex robot for free for yourself, but it can also do many other useful things. For example, it can enable you to use a MetaTrader 5 robot on MT4. Or an MT4 robot on MT5.

And this is how it can also get you a trading robot for free.

Say you and your friends have found a $500 robot that you’re sure will be profitable. Well, you’re still stuck with that $2,500 bill if you all want a license. But say your four friends buy one license, and you pay nothing. Then it’s just $125 each for them and $0 for you.

But you are still stuck with the problem of making that one forex robot license work on five accounts. Well, with the Unlock Any Forex Robot™ framework, there’s a solution for that. With forex account cloning, you can share trades across from one account instantly to all your friends’ accounts too. That means all your friends are saving $375 each since they don’t have to buy a license each, and – because you’re the one providing all the solutions – you get to save a cool $500. Overall, I’m sure that your friends will agree that’s more than fair for everyone.

One Forex robot license can now make a profit for all of you. Marvelous, right?

The Unlock Any Forex Robot™ framework!

FX Account Cloning™ Setup

If the solution is forex account cloning, how can you make it happen?

Well, would you guys believe me if I told you it’s effortless, quick to set up, and opens up a whole world of opportunities for you? Sounds pretty unbelievable right now, doesn’t it?

Most seasoned traders imagine setting up multiple MetaTrader accounts and manually copying trades across to each one by opening orders individually. The time difference between each click is already too slow to copy the trades reliably. But then it gets worse if you have to figure out different position sizes for smaller or larger accounts. Copying trades manually is just close to impossible.

The beauty of the FX Account Cloning™ setup, which is a part of the Unlock Any Forex Robot™ framework, is that I don’t have to place trades manually across multiple Metatrader accounts. And I can still share every trade with five or ten or even twenty accounts instantly.

More than ten years ago, I developed software that allows you to copy the trades from any MetaTrader account to as many other accounts as you need. The software is called Local Trade Copier™, and hundreds of people use it to do exactly what you need: to copy trades from one account to multiple other accounts.

FX Account Cloning™ setup

The main idea of the FX Account Cloning™ setup is that you link other MT4/MT5 accounts (clients) to one primary account (Master). This way, every account gets every trade that you place on the Master account.

The black computer in the middle represents the Master account, and all the ones it is sharing its trades with are the Client accounts around it. In the diagram, you can see we’ve given those client accounts different names to represent your friends and family or clients.

  • You can use it to share trades generated by an automated trading system or your own trades!
  • It works just as well with MT4 and MT5!
  • It shares trades in one second or less!
  • It takes less than 10 minutes to set up!

Sounds pretty awesome, right? The best thing about it is that this is a tried and tested software that’s been around for years. You’re not going to be a guinea pig for some brand new software developer nobody’s ever heard of. Hundreds of people are already using this software and singing its praises.

The next thing you’ll want to learn is how to set it up. Well, all you need to do is follow these three simple steps.

Step 1: Install MetaTrader Platforms

The first step is simple, but you still need to get it right to ensure everything works the way you need it. For step one, all you need to do is install as many MetaTrader platforms on your computer as you need to cover all of your friends or clients.

Setting up FX Account Cloning™: Step 1

So, if you have four friends who want to trade off the same robot, you need to install five MetaTraders (one each for your friends and one for you). The main thing here is to install each MetaTrader in its own folder. That sounds easy, but you wouldn’t believe how many people forget to do this.

It doesn’t make much difference what you call these folders, but it is a good idea to have some kind of system in place, so you don’t get confused later. You can call them 1, 2, 3… or A, B, C… but maybe the best way is to name them after the client whose account they correspond to (i.e., Metatrader John).

You might be wondering here how many different MetaTrader platforms you can install. Well, most regular computers will efficiently run four or five platforms. If you have a Virtual Private Server or a more powerful setup, you can take that up to ten or even twenty platforms, all running simultaneously. Some of our clients have even managed to run more than 100 MetaTraders simultaneously. Sure this might take a pretty severe setup, but the key thing is it’s possible!

Step 2: Link MetaTrader Platforms

Step two couldn’t be easier. You’ve just finished installing all the MT platforms you need and have placed them all in individual folders. So now, you need to link them together.

Setting up FX Account Cloning™: Step 2

All you have to do is install the Local Trade Copier™ software I’ve developed and set it up in ten minutes or less.

The software will enable you to connect your Master account to multiple client accounts and even to set up different position sizes for each account so you can manage different levels of risk for larger or smaller accounts. The main thing is that all of these trades are shared automatically to your client’s or friend’s accounts.

Step 3: Grow All Accounts

So now you have a Forex robot that your friends bought, and you just finished setting up a trade copier. You linked all your friends’ accounts (client accounts) to your Metatrader account (Master account), where you also have that Forex robot running.

The trading robot will trade on your account, and the Local Trade Copier™ will automatically copy all its trades across all accounts. Any profit or loss the Forex robot makes for you will be mirrored for your friends.

What Others Are Saying

Because my Local Trade Copier™ software has been around for more than eleven years (we celebrated our 11th anniversary just recently), we have received many great reviews. Feel free to head over to Trustpilot or Forex Peace Army to check out what people say about us.

We’ve been getting great reviews for years.

As you can see from the picture and the comments we’ve been getting, this software is well-liked and is helping people achieve trading success.

So, as you can see, FX Account Cloning™ can help you unlock forex trading robots for way less than you would typically pay. If you follow my advice closely, you’ll be able to get a forex robot for absolutely free!

But the critical component of this method, the Local Trade Copier™ software, goes beyond just enabling you to unlock trading robots. It can allow you to clone your trading profits and help you make a real income from your trading!

It takes as little as ten minutes to set up, and it can seriously improve your forex trading in a big way. The only question left is, why wouldn’t you download it and start exploring its potential?

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