Instantly Open The Same Trades Across Multiple MT4 Platforms

Are you a fund manager? Have you ever tried to open the same trade in 2 or more accounts simultaneously?

You need to have at least two people, and as much as you rehearse your coordination and teamwork skills, you’ll never be able to replicate the trades precisely the same way. Not to mention the chaos it would unleash if you try to do it on ten different accounts.

What if I tell you that it is possible to execute the same trade on several Metatrader accounts simultaneously without a team of traders, and you can do it all by yourself in your office or home by using this simple method?

Reasons Why MT4 Trade Copier Can Be Slow And Copy Positions With a Delay

Under normal conditions, the Local Trade Copier should copy positions in less than one second. Yes, trades must be copied in 1 second or faster. If it takes longer, then something’s not right.

Usually, delay in copy trading appears because of slow and poor Internet connection, overloaded computer, and broker server delays.

In this article, I want to give possible reasons for slow trade copying so you could identify the problem yourself and fix it fast.

How to tell MT4 trade copier not to close specific trades but keep updating them

In this short tutorial, Rimantas explains how to configure Local Trade Copier not to close specific positions.

Client EA has a unique parameter called MarkAllTrades_DoNotClose. We’ve added it for advanced users who have lots of open positions that should not be closed by the Client EA.

It can get quite advanced because you can mark which trades cannot be closed by the Client EA and you can also do this from your Expert Advisor or even manually. Usually, only advanced users require such functionality, and therefore this parameter is available just for the VIP plan.

How to use Local Trade Copier in Netting mode on MT4 accounts with FIFO limitations

U.S. Forex brokers and possibly some other brokers will have FIFO limitations applied to each account. It means trader or any EA is restricted to close positions only in particular order and hedge trading will be disabled too (you cannot hold BUY and SELL positions open at the same time). These restrictions cannot be changed, and anyone who is trading in such account (including EA) will have to obey these restrictions.

Local Trade Copier is capable of handling trade copying of positions on MT4 accounts with FIFO limitations including partial closes.

Money Management settings explained in MT4 Trade Copier

Local Trade Copier for MT4 allows you to control the lot size on the client account in many ways. The software has many parameters to control the lot allocation. You can copy trades at the same percentage risk even when master and client accounts are of different size and different deposit currency or you can copy trades at your own set fixed lot size. You also have the ability to copy trades with the same lot size no matter what or choose one of few more advanced risk control settings.

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