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Copying CFD’s Between MT4 Brokers With Different Contract Specifications

In this article, I will talk about a common problem faced by traders who are copying CFD’s (Contract For Difference) using different brokers. I will also provide a solution to copying CFD’s between MT4 brokers that have different instrument specifications. This problem is difference in trading conditions of various brokers. The most significant issue is with CFD’s on major stock indices: Contract size for one broker can be 1 index, 25 indexes for another, 10, 5, etc. Some brokers allow trading a portion of a contract while others require trading full contracts only.

How To Copy Trades From MT4 & MT5 Mobile App

Are you using your mobile device to trade when you can’t get to your desktop setup? Are you using one MetaTrader account to copy trades across to other accounts using the FX Account Cloning setup? Well, then you’ve probably run into the problem that the MetaTrader mobile app doesn’t allow trade copier software. Let me give you a hack that will enable you to do personal copy trading on Android or iOS and copy trades from one Metatrader to another across multiple devices.

How to Lock Profit on MT4?

Cutting losses short and letting your profits run are the most discussed topics in the forex market. Reducing your losses is probably a more straightforward thing to do. If you see that the price is not going where you have anticipated but has turned around and moved against you, you would likely close your position even if the price hasn’t triggered your stop-loss order yet. On the other hand, it is much more challenging to let your profits run, as you never know whether the price will reach your anticipated target or start reversing before that.

Reverse Trading Secrets: How To Grow Live Account With A Losing Strategy

In forex trading, just like in every other kind of trading, the sad truth is that most traders lose money. Looking at long-term results, around 95% of forex traders are taking a hit. They’re not just failing to make a profit. They’re losing money.

But what if you could somehow use that to your advantage? Imagine if you could go back in time and do things differently. Turn that losing short trade into a winning long? You could be turning the kryptonite of everyone’s trading nightmares into pure gold! Just think of it.

Well, that’s the whole idea of reverse trading.

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