Add Missing Risk Management to Your Forex Robot or Signal

Do you have an Expert Advisor that can only be set to use a fixed lot size, but you want to have trades risking percentage of your available account equity?

Or maybe you are following a Forex signal provider who uses too small position size and won’t allow you to increase it?

Local Trade Copier can add a missing risk management to your Forex trading robot or signals you follow. Obviously, it’s always best to add this directly to the source but if that is not possible my trade copier can help you.

Unlock Any Forex Robot™ Method: How To Get Any Forex Robot For Free And Make It Legally Work On Thousands Of Metatrader Accounts

Forex robots are costly. Chances are you want to buy a Forex robot, but you don’t have enough money. In most cases, a single forex robot license costs more than $200 or even $500 for just one account. The good news is that if you find a few of your friends (let’s call them John, Jane, and Joe) who also want to start trading with the same robot, then all of you can split the bill and buy only one license.

However, there’s still a problem here – if only one person buys the license (let’s say your friend “John”), he’ll be able to trade using his own MT4/MT5 account but not on the accounts of other people (in our example, your other friends “Jane” and “Joe”). That’s where the Unlock Any Forex Robot™ method becomes a great solution because I designed it to let you copy trades from any number of different trading robots across multiple accounts in just a few clicks.

Fail 2 Gain™ Method: Profit From Losing Expert Advisors, Forex Robots and Failing Traders

Most traders lose money, but what if you could profit from the losing trades? Most traders are so focused on their profits that they forget about losses. That’s why 95% of them keep losing. I’ve developed a simple way to trade in the opposite direction as a failing trader and make money from his mistakes. In a nutshell, if a failing trader loses on a long trade, you win with a short; if he loses on a short trade, you win with a long trade.

Reverse Trading Secrets: How To Grow Live Account With A Losing Strategy

In forex trading, just like in every other kind of trading, the sad truth is that most traders lose money. Looking at long-term results, around 95% of forex traders are taking a hit. They’re not just failing to make a profit. They’re losing money.

But what if you could somehow use that to your advantage? Imagine if you could go back in time and do things differently. Turn that losing short trade into a winning long? You could be turning the kryptonite of everyone’s trading nightmares into pure gold! Just think of it.

Well, that’s the whole idea of reverse trading.

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