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How to turn your 10% gains on a $1k account into 6-figure monthly income using Forex Income Multiplier™ method

The world of forex trading is full of traders who are stuck at low levels of profit. In many cases, the problem is that their initial account is relatively small, so it’s hard to scale it meaningfully. Does this sound familiar? Are you putting in a lot of work and research to grow your initial forex investment? Are you struggling to grow your account to the point where it can generate income?

That’s where the Forex Income Multiplier™ comes in to help Forex traders scale their success faster and without substantial initial capital.

New Local Trade Copier version 2.9.9 has been released

The new Local Trade Copier 2.9.9 has just been released and is now available for download in the member’s area (Download Center). This new version includes some bug fixes and enhancements, making it faster and more reliable than ever before. So if you’re looking for an easy way to replicate your trades across multiple accounts, be sure to check out the Local Trade Copier today!

How To Use Local Trade Copier for MT4 & MT5 Under One Subscription

As of 12th of December, 2021, when you buy Local Trade Copier™, you’ll get both versions with one subscription. You do not need to purchase separate trade copier versions for MT4 and MT5.

But what should you do if you already have a separate subscription for MT5 Trade Copier?

Let me go through different scenarios and explain what you need to do if you want to have a Local Trade Copier™ for both Metatrader versions under one subscription.

How to use the MT4 platform

Many brokers often offer locally created web, desktop, or even mobile platforms for their users. However, none of them could be a match for the MetaTrader (MT4) platform, which has been a favourite choice for millions of traders since 2005. Even though it is by default used as a Forex platform, you can trade other financial assets such as indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, or even stocks.

Reverse Trading Secrets: How To Grow Live Account With A Losing Strategy

In forex trading, just like in every other kind of trading, the sad truth is that most traders lose money. Looking at long-term results, around 95% of forex traders are taking a hit. They’re not just failing to make a profit. They’re losing money.

But what if you could somehow use that to your advantage? Imagine if you could go back in time and do things differently. Turn that losing short trade into a winning long? You could be turning the kryptonite of everyone’s trading nightmares into pure gold! Just think of it.

Well, that’s the whole idea of reverse trading.

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